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Facts made by Themedutch is a complete responsive, retina-ready and multipurpose theme. You can create your own and unique site design and page layouts using the built-in Visual Composer in combination with our TD-Shortcoded and the many features.


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  • Do I get free support on Facts Bikes?

    Yes! After registering on our site, you’ll receive an notification e-mail with username and password, and you’re able to login to our support forums right away. If you’re a new member, and you’re visiting our forums for the very first time, please take a minute to read our Basic forum rules before you start posting on our forums.

  • Can I use theme Facts Bikes for commercial projects?

    Yes you can! You’re more than welcome to use our themes for developing commercial projects.

  • Can I modify theme Facts Bikes?

    Yes, Facts Bikes is ultra customizable – Images, colors, fonts, layouts and other design elements can be changed or modified. In addition, the copyright notice in the theme’s footer can be adjusted or removed. We understand that many designers and developers may use our themes for their own clients.

  • Should I leave the ‘Theme Dutch credit link’ intact?

    Nope, we understand that many designers and developers may use our themes for their own clients, link-backs are very appreciated though. You can change the copyright line via the Theme Dutch admin panel, which is built-in in every Theme Dutch theme.

  • Does Facts Bikes function with third party plugins?

    Yes, most plugins are compatible with theme Facts Bikes. However, we can’t give you any guarantees. Some plugins make use of Javascript libraries, and they may cause conflicts with the theme’s libraries. If this is the case, the theme might not function properly.

  • Is theme Facts Bikes translation ready?

    Yes, it is. All our themes include English PO files. Just use the PO file, translate it to your own language, generate a PO and MO file and you’re ready to go. For more information visit Poedit or

  • Are all images of the preview site included?

    Nope sorry, we work with several stockphoto agencies and photographers around the world, and they have their own copyright rules. However, we are more than happy to bring you in contact with photographers.

  • Browser Compatibility Facts Bikes tested?

    We tested Facts Bikes on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera. Our theme should work properly in any operating system, as long as WordPress is installed correctly.

  • Is theme Facts Bikes Responsive and Mobile Ready?

    Yes it is. Most of our themes are already responsive, and we update our themes constantly.


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