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Here we describe all the support means and any related requirements that go along with any kind of support. We love supporting themes that help you make awesome websites, the forums area is the only official way to get support on any of your current active Theme Dutch products though. If you’re visiting our forums for the very first time, please take a minute to read our Basic Forum Rules before you start posting your queries in the forums.

  • Theme Dutch Basic Forum Rules

    Theme Dutch support is 10am – 5pm Monday through Friday, Amsterdam Time. No support is guaranteed outside of those hours or on other days. We do not respond to support questions via e-mail. Please be patient, you’ll get a reply via our forums, and usually within 24-48 business hours. Please be sure to search the forum before posting your question, perhaps you might find your question and its solution. Be considerate to one another and also to our support staff. Our schedule is quite busy and we do our best to answer support questions as quickly as we can. Our priority lies with people having immediate issues with our products, and we’ll do our best to answer those questions that don’t require major modification and testing, Spamming and using vulgar language is not allowed, and our forums are not a place where members or staff members are insulted. Anything that resembles both will result in automatic deletion of your account and banning from the forum. Start your topic and use ‘informative’ post titles (not: Please Help!), and post a link to the site and/or page you would like support on, or a screenshot if you’re working locally. Don’t forget to mention the version of Wp and theme that your question relates to.
    Happy posting!

  • What’s Free Support

    We provide support to our customers, the buyers of our themes, and we usually respond on the free forums within 24-48 hours. Our priority lies with members having problems with the functionality of our products (TD admin, features, and functions), and we’ll do our best to answer those questions that don’t require major modification and testing. Reported bugs will be checked and solved in an update.

  • What’s Not Free Support

    Of course we understand you want support as quickly as possible. However, we have no obligation to respond on the free forums within 0-24 hours, and respond to questions that require major modification and testing. Free support does not cover ticket-suppport, advice or looking up code for customizations on our themes. For all these purposes we refer to our Premium Support (anual costs $ 29,-). We do not support bugs or errors, which are caused by using third party plugins.