Basic need-to-knows.

Our services are WordPress experiences specifically customized to suit your individual requests and preferences. On our FAQ page you’ll find some answers to basic questions.

  • Where can I buy a Theme Dutch theme?

    You are welcome to purchase Themedutch themes through our various marketplace partners. They are our dynamic and trustworthy allies who also market and sell our concepts that offer top-of-the-line quality for all types of budget.

    Portfolio Themeforest

    Portfolio Mojo Marketplace

    Portfolio Creative Market

  • Does my Theme Dutch theme come with free support?

    Yes, absolutely! All you have to do is follow 3 simple steps: One, register for free support. Two, create your free account. Three, input your purchase code (ThemeForest or MOJO Marketplace) or transaction ID (MOJO Themes). Afterwards, you will receive a notification email from us containing your username and password. Use this to log in to our support forums and enjoy!

  • Where do I find my ‘Purchase Code’ or ‘Transaction ID’?

    Purchase codes or transaction IDs are used to register on our website in order to change your profile status to ‘VERIFIED’. You will be provided this when you purchase themes through our marketplace partners.

    Themes bought via ThemeForest or MOJO Marketplace
    You will find your purchase code on the download section of the marketplace where you bought our theme. To register on our website, you need to fill in your purchase code to change your profile status to ‘VERIFIED’.

  • Can I use Theme Dutch themes for commercial purposes?

    Yes, of course! You are very much welcome to make use of our themes for your own commercial projects.

  • Can I modify my Theme Dutch theme?

    Yes! We created our themes to be extremely customizable. You can play around with images, fonts, layouts and just about every other design element. We are aware many designers and developers use our themes to create websites for their clients, so we made sure the copyright notice on the theme’s footer may be adjusted or removed altogether.

  • Should I leave the ‘Theme Dutch credit link’ intact?

    You can do with it whatever you please since we are aware that many designers and developers use our themes to create websites for their clients. The copyright line may be altered or removed through the Theme Dutch admin panel which comes with every Theme Dutch theme. Link-backs are highly appreciated though.

  • Can I use third-party plugins with my Theme Dutch theme?

    Yes, you can! Most plugins are compatible with Theme Dutch themes. However, like most themes, there are no guarantees. Some plugins utilize Javascript libraries which may cause conflicts with the theme’s libraries thereby leading to a theme not functioning properly.

  • Is my Theme Dutch theme responsive and mobile-ready?

    Yes, most of them! We are building themes that are responsive and mobile-ready, and we will update these regularly. You may check your particular theme’s information page for more and detailed information.

  • Are Theme Dutch themes translation ready?

    Yes, it is! English PO files come with your purchased theme. You can use this PO file to translate your site to any specific language. Just generate a PO and MO file and you’re ready to go! If you need more information, just visitPoedit or wordpress.org.

  • How about browser compatibility?

    Our themes should work well with popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera, as well as any operating system as long as WordPress is installed correctly. Testing prior to implementation is always a priority.

  • Are all images of the preview site included?

    Due to copyright restrictions, we do not include images of Themedutch preview sites. We work with several stock photo agencies and individual photographers around the world and each has its own set of copyright rules.