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    Hi, i’m not able to install dummy content, the status still says: Just don’t click away, still working hard!

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    Hi ferra 19080,

    Some servers having issues with demo content, and if you followed the manual server guidelines about demo import feature that can be the issue. But anyway, try to import the below demo file and let me now if that works out for you. If that is not working, than we have the option to run a database import. We offer this a service but if your comfy with phpmy admin etc we can supply you a dump.

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    Hi mike,
    thanks for your superfast reply! Sorry but where I can find the demo file to download?

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    Ok, now it’s ok, the only things doesn’t works are the sliders, you maybe know why?

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    Well you probably did not import the revolution slider or the essential grids.

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    Hi Mike,
    I have checked under Slider Revolution Menu, but I haven’t sliders named Moto_main-Intro and Moto_main-second .
    Maybe I can import them, but where i can get those files?


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    Hi Ferra,

    So sorry, the files on Mojomarketplace are not showing, I just notice. I have made an update to MM, but below you will find the ess. grid and rev sliders

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    i am not able to inmport dummy content of these theme moto.
    I receive message inmport failed.

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