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    1) Layout: I would like to chose a different website width but I can’t find this option anywhere.
    The logo and navigation bar text are way to wide, and same for the content.

    2)Spacing: I would like to have a nice gold border on top and bottom of the main wrapper, but I can’t find an option for that. I end up using a space element but it has an annoying gap on the top even if padding is set on 0px.

    3) Footer: I set up the footer on 3 columns but on widgets I’m only able to se 2 columns. There is no button to add a new section/footer. It’s the first time I have this problem. Could you please let me know how do I add the third column?


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    Helen (staff)
    Helen (staff)

    Hi Ben,

    Dondo comes with a Dondo manual (in your download zip file)
    On your dashboard on Dondo options you can find all theme’s features and functions such as colors, layouts (including footer widget layout) etc.
    On pages, at the toolbar, you’ll find also a button ‘Add Shortcodes’ which you can use to design pages. for examples click on the hamburger menus.

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    Thanks for your replay.

    I couldn’t find any solutions to the issues I’m having on your manual.

    I’ll try to explain better:

    1) I need to change the layout of the entire website not only on a specific pages.
    I previously used another theme where I could make all this changes on the layout section inside the settings, plus set up breaking points to change the desktop layout to mobile/tablet. Please have a look at the pic attached (Number 1)
    Could you please let me know if I can do this using Dondo?

    2) I set up a border colour for my container but it’s not showing. I found an alternative solution which is using a space element, but there is a gap that I can’t remove.
    How can I remove the gap?

    3) On your manual you have only one small section on the footer and it’s not saying how to add another widget area. Usually it can be found on the top left side. Please have a look at the pic attached to understand what I mean. (Number 2)

    Thanks for your help.

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