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      I purchased BOX as part of a bundle in 2015 and am attempting to use it on a WP 4.5.2 install.
      The BOX version is 1.08 which upon install had an old version of Visual Composer. I reinstalled Visual Composer to 4.11.2 to make it compliant with WP 4.5.2.

      Now I am trying to show a Post Masonry Grid on a page using Visual Composer. I have set the post category and assigned post to it. When I add the module in VC… nothing shows up on the page.

      What is up with this! I have been using Visual Composer with other themes and this has never happened before!

      Does this theme handle post categories different than the typical WP theme?


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      Helen (staff)Helen (staff)

      Hi Doug,

      We’re behind scedule updating BOX (which will be updated asap)
      There is a jquery conflict, which is caused by WP.4.5 and which we’re resolving in an upcoming update.

      These are the latest versions of the theme. Running your theme on WP4.5 and higher versions of VC (as stated here) can be the cause of your issues.

      Oct 8, 2015 – version 1.0.8
      * Update TD Shortcodes
      Oct 5, 2015 – version 1.0.7
      * Update WP 4.3.1
      * Update TD Shortcodes 1.7.7
      * Update LayerSlider 5.6.2
      * Update Visual Composer 4.7.4
      * Update Revolution Slider
      * Added box.sql

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      OK… I see.

      Is there a timetable for when the BOX Theme will be WP 4.5.2 compliant?

      How will I be notified that it is updated. I have literally just finished the site I am using BOX for and the Post Portfolio was the last part of the implementation.

      I don’t look forward to moving to another theme this late in the development process.

      I am also having an issue with the background image for site that I set in the general tab on the BOX Options panel. I set a background initially and then changed it to another but the site will not update to the new background.

      Any suggestions?


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      Helen (staff)Helen (staff)

      Hi Doug,

      We’ll notify via twitter, facebook, on Mojomarket and here on the Box forum when updates are avaialble.
      We cannot give an exact timetable, but we do our effort to release an update within a few weeks at the most.
      At this point we do not have an instant solution to your issue, since your issues most likely are caused by running other versions as we do on our live demo.
      We ask our clients to wait updating software version, such as WP VC etc. until we’ve tested and debugged these first, and released a new version of the theme. This prevent issues.
      We appologize for the delay though.

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      This was a new install of WP. The host provided WP 4.5.2 as the base install

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