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Site gets blank page after installing Woocommerce

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      Hello! I’m trying to install woocommerce again in my site, but after doing this, all my pages gets blank.

      I’ve already updated the themes and plugins and have no idea about what’s happening.

      Would love to hear from you about this situation. Thanks!

      Kind regards.

      Lucas Lima

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      Hi Lucas,

      Go to the permalinks and hit save and you will be fine, don’t ask me why but I know it helps me out quit a few times.
      Let me know how this works out for you.

    • #72996

      Hello, Mike!

      Thanks for your help. But, unfortunatelly, it didn’t work


    • #72999

      Hello! Any other news?

      Thanks 🙂

    • #73002

      Try to deactivate all plugins except woocommerce, I sound’s like a conflict with a plugin.

    • #73003

      All done! It’s definitely something between the theme and woocommerce 🙁

    • #73004

      No don’t think so we have no issues on our preview website. Must be somthing else.

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      Ok. I deactivated all plugins with Aziza and, with woocommerce, I got blank page in all my site. Later on I installed another theme, instaled woocommerce and all worked properly. The conclusion I can get to is: The problem is between aziza and woocommerce.

      Just tell me if you guys can do something, or at least try. I you don’t, no problem, I’ll just look for another solution then.

      Thanks again!

    • #73010

      Well I just checked for the second time our preview and I don’t have any issue’s.

      This is the setup:
      Woocommerce Version 2.3.13
      TD-Shortcodes Version 1.7.1
      Aziza Version: 1.4.4

      So I’m not sure we’re the issue is on your end, but if you have a premium support account you can send in you’re login details and our developer will investigate your installation. Let me know

    • #73599

      I am using the Box theme, that includes Redux options framework. After turning off all of my plugins except woocommerce and toggling Redux off and on, I have determined that there is some sort of conflict between Redux and Woocommerce.

      Any idea how to fix this issue?

      • #73609

        Please post your question in the box forum, but the box is not woocommerce ready.

Viewing 9 reply threads
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