How to install um-switcher.

Before installing UM-Switcher, make sure you have installed and activated Ultimate Member and Woocommerce. You have two options to upload the UM-Switcher plugin:

  1. Upload unzipped UM-Switcher via FTP to wp-content/plugins.
  2. Upload zipped UM-Switcher via Add Plugin Feature.

Setup Ultimate member profile fields

Create an Ultimate Member profile and set Restricted Profile fields like ‘contact details’ via Privacy selection. Hit: only specific member roles, and enter the community role ( for example) ‘active client’. You can create your own community roles.



Create your um-switcher product

Go to Woocommerce/products/add new product, and select UM-Switcher Product via the Product Data drop down. Fill in all necessary fields, and select ‘Send a Reminder’ if you also want to send e-mail reminders. Then hit save.

Create a Cronjob

It’s necessairy to set up a cron job for sending accurate e-mail reminders. In cases where subscription plans are sold for only limited time e.g. 15 minutes, you can set your cronjob for example to 10 minutes. If you are sending email reminders, don’t forget to adjust the time via um-switcher product settings.

  1. Go to UM-Switcher/settings, download the ZIP file cron.php, unzip it, and adjust the login details inside the file. Upload it to your site’s root folder.
  2. Visit your Hosting dashboard, like cPanel or Plesk, and create a cron job that is suitable for your website. You can set an interval as low as one minute. You should consider a reasonable value of 5-15 minutes though.

If you need help setting up a cron job, please check the documentation that your hosting provider offers.


Setup as Run a script (Plesk example)

We have used Plesk in this example. For others panels like C-Panel and Direct admin the method is similar though. Just select ‘Run a PHP script’ and enter the location from cron.php.