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Including one-click dummy content install

Brian Davis is an easy and ultra go-with-the-flow WordPress theme, suitable for all kinds of businesses. From creative, portfolio and merchandising concepts for ‘personal businesses’ to ‘listing concepts with paid subscriptions’, ‘e-commerce stores’ & flexible eye candy ‘Blogging sites’. You can build everything with Brian. This theme is validated 100% proof by Themecheck. is a service that lets you verify WordPress themes for security and code quality. Last but not least: value included plugins $45,-

Explore Brian demos now!

    Personal Business and Portfolio
  • DEMO-1
    Minimal Personal Business
  • DEMO-2
    Creative Personal Business
  • DEMO-3
    Parallax Personal Portfolio
  • DEMO-4
    Author Concept
  • DEMO-5
    Full Screen Video
  • DEMO-6
    Personal Business + Merchandising Store
  • DEMO-7
    Freelance Listing Directory Concept
  • demo-08
    Minimalistic Stylish Store concept
  • DEMO-9
    Stylish Minimalistic Magazine
  • DEMO-10
    Stylish Marketing concept
  • DEMO-11
    Paid Community concept


Brian comes with demos for all types of businesses!

WordPress theme Brian Davis is suitable for all kinds of businesses. Build an amazing site for your personaL, creative or corporate business. Easily build a business listing site or an attractive e-commerce store. From one page to multipage, Brian can do it all.

  • Personal business

    Suitable for actors, authors, bloggers, boxers, dog walkers, fitness instructors and more..

  • Business listings

    Create a Business Listing concept in less then 30 min. and start making money.

  • E-commerce stores

    Build a flat and minimalist Woocommerce store and sell your products online.



Visit our website including beautiful examples of easy-to-use Themedutch shortcodes. Look them up and have total freedom over your design. Or, install ready-to-go dummy content. No need to worry about re-formatting web pages when you switch to upcoming Theme Dutch themes.



While creating all demos, we’ve used several plugins, like TD-shortcodes Themedutch, Essential Grid, SliderRevolution, Woocommerce and Contact Form 7. WP User Frontend, Groups and Woocommerce power our freelance-listing concept including paid subscriptions. We advice updating these plugins after we’ve released an update of theme Brian, and you’ll have a flawless running site.

  • Plugin included

    TD-shortcodes from Themedutch, Essential Grid and Slider Revolution.

  • Plugin-ready

    Free plugins: Woocommerce, Contact Form 7, Ultimate Member, Wp User front-end and Groups.

  • Plugin tested

    Visual Composer is tested; not included though, because of continuous updates.


  • 12 Demos included

    We have included all 12 demos, so you have a great starting point to work with.

  • Portfolio

    Brian Davis comes with several portfolio options, and the possibilities are endless.

  • Page Builder test

    Of course we love our own shortcodes, but we have tested a page builder.

  • One page

    Brian Davis extremely flexible, you can create basically anything you want.

  • Woocommerce

    Brian Davis is Woocommerce-ready, and ideal for your selling your merchandise.

  • Revolution Slider

    Creating your personal sliders cannot be easier by using the built-in Revolution slider.

  • Header presets: 5

    Select the position of your logo, off canvas menu, search and social icons.

  • Essential Grid

    WordPress theme Brian Davis comes with Essential Grid plugin including updates.

  • Ultimate Member

    Brian is ready for Ultimate Member. Create communities and beautiful user profiles.

  • WPML ready

    Build your site for an international audience with multi-languages support.

  • Pure performance

    Enjoy the best web development practices with seo and speed in mind.

  • Advanced settings

    Of course you’ll have full control over your design when creating your website.

  • Off canvas menus

    Color customizable Off canvas Hamburger menu with a widget section.

  • Custom blog layouts

    Choose your favorite blog layout, and include your header image and more.

  • Featured gallery

    Every page can have a custom Header gallery. We’ve got you covered.

  • Custom footers

    You’re able to create custom footers for every page, no problem. How great is that!

  • Parallax sections

    Choose a section shortcode and create beautiful parallax page designs.

  • Animated columns

    Choose your favorite animation, we have included 40 animations for creating columns.


Easily build your own listing site!

Demo 07 is an example of how to build a Listing site at relatively low cost. You only pay for the theme since all used plugins are free of charge. You’ll only have to invest more if you need additional add-ons. This listing concept is cheap, easy to build, and very user friendly. Your clients have to follow a few simple steps to have their profile on your website in a jiffy.

  • Subscription

    Our listing concept is built with Brian Davis, and the plugins: Woocommerce, Wp User front-end and Groups. All required plugins are free available via repository.

  • Listing form

    Your client buys a listing subscription and afterwards he or she will receive an invoice through e-mail. Within this e-mail your client will find a link to the actual listing form.

  • Profile page

    Your client can send the filled out form, which will be saved as a ‘draft’ on your back-end. The client’s profile page is visible at the front-end from the moment you give the approval.


Ideal for creating Paid or Free Membership sites!

Demo 11 is an example of how to build an advanced community website which is ideal for Paid or Free Membership websites. Demo 11 is created with Ultimate Member, a free WordPress plugin that makes it extremely easy to create powerful online communities and beautiful user profiles. Make money online by using Ultimate Member in combination with Woocommerce Subscriptions plugin (paid extension which is not included with the theme).

  • Paid Subscription

    Use Woocommerce Subscriptions (paid extension) which is not included with the theme.

  • Ultimate Member

    It’s a free WP plugin that makes it easy to create online communities and beautiful user profiles.

  • Application

    Create your own advanced and money-making community website by using these two powerful tools.

WordPress theme Brian Davis

Brian is WPML ready, 100% responsive, amazingly fast and based on Foundation, made by ZURB.