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      Hi, the ‘Add to cart’ button takes you to the product page, and then you have to click Add to cart again, is there a way to just make it add the item/product to the cart without leaving the page you’re on and therefore not loading the product page? Thanks!

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      Hi Dean,
      Yes there is, it’s a woocommerce default feature:

      Redirect to the cart page after successful addition

      Next week there will be also a update for Mikmag.

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      Thanks Mike, but you have misunderstood my issue.

      From the shop page (or any page I have products on with a rollover ‘Add to cart’) I’d like to ‘Add to cart’ rollover black bar link to add the product to the cart and not link off to it’s product page where I have to click the Add to cart button again to actually add it to the cart.

      I hope thats clearer for you, thanks again.

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      Hi Dean,
      The way you want it is also the way it should work. I just looked at our preview and there it’s also not working as I have to set the settings to: Redirect to the cart page after successful addition.

      But no worries, Ajay was working on an update for Mikmag anyway so I just added this to his list. Not sure when it’s ready but should not take more then a few days.

      So you will get a notice via Themeforest when you can download the new version.

      Happy Sunday

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      Thanks for your help Mike!

Viewing 4 reply threads
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