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      I tried testing my membership subscription. I was making edits in the admin so I was logged into that account. In a new tab I opened my website, purchased the product I had setup with UM Switcher, and after that am unable to login to my admin. In any tabs I had open with the admin, if I click any menu items it would bring me to my homepage. I’m thinking maybe it changed my role for the admin account, though the fake account I registered has different name, email, etc than my admin account. Is this possible? Any suggestions?

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      Hello pmanj,

      Just log out en login again with your admin details.If that’s not possible because you changed your admin login, you need to reset your admin login.


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      I am able to login, but it brings me to the homepage, presumably because my role is now member and not admin?

      How can I edit my admin status without wordpress access?

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      1- You can try if you have ftp access to rename Ultimate member/remove. Then try again to login if not:
      2- There is also an option via Ultimate member:
      3- Check your database and change the role.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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