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Can not edit the ‘Add to cart button Text’ form

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      I can not edit the ‘Add to cart button Text’ form in the plugin settings. The ‘save settings’ button doesn’t react at all. And the standard value ‘ADD’ doesn’t change.

      Also the functionallity of overriding the ‘add to cart’ button on the shop page, messes up the buttons, which are controlled from the theme side.

      I just added woocommerce shop, haven’t used these buttons before since I directed customers directly to the checkout page. Now I want to sell other products aswell and I need to use the right buttons for it. With the right styling.

      It seems like it blocks the css from the theme and overrides it completely.

      Could you tell me if there is a way to fix this? Would be great if there is an option to turn off um-switcher overriding any settings regarding the buttons.

      I don’t really understand why the um-switcher must override all settings regarding shop page buttons, instead of just the text. That should be a simple thing right? At least I expect it to work properly and with a certain level of functionality for the price payed.

      If it can’t be fixed, because I really need the buttons to work in the shop page, I would like to ask for a refund and will go with woocommerce subscriptions.

      Best regards,

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      Roy PepitoRoy Pepito

      Hi Johan,

      Please send us your login details, so we can quickly check on it.

      Yes, we will add it on our next updates for that option.




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