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      Hello, on the BRIAN template in the HEADER section I chose the 6 voice, but I would like to place the logo in the grid. Where can I change this part?

      Also, how can I make the user icon appear on the main menu?

      Thank you

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      Hello sanforest,

      Please follow our support guidelines, adding the same question over and over again: Via ticketsystem, here on our forum and also on Themeforest is not the way to go.

      1- Go to the option panel and select header, there you can add your logo.
      2- Go to the option panel and select header/styles/Login Icon.
      3- How to translate and use options you can check the manual.

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      Thanks for the reply, but when you activate the PRIMARY MENU, the User icon disappears.
      I have read and followed every single step of your guide.
      How can I resolve please?
      Also, I asked where are the files (in which folder) of the forms to change the titles in Italian.
      I ask forgiveness but I am not a developer.
      Thank you so much!

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      No problem.

      Try to remove a menu item from the primary menu, maybe you have to manny items.

      Inside Brian you Will find a file lanquages/Brian.po

      This file you need to translate with for example

      Good luck,

Viewing 3 reply threads
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