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      I had my logo in the header and it looked fine last night, then this morning, there was just a blank thumbnail with a question mark in it. The same thing happened with some of my pictures too but I was able to fix them. I tried just deleting the logo under the Fifth Options, but the blank thumbnail is still showing up.

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      Hello CSeagraves,

      I think you missed a few logo options.

      You have a section General and the header section from the Option panel.

      Favicon & Login logo

      Header logo & Mobile logo

      Besides that, a Theme will never on his own delete a logo or images. I’m hoping that you made a mistake, or missed the above options. If not there is a issue in you’re installation, that needs to be checked out.

      Let me know if this works out for you

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      Okay, thank you! Also, is there anyway to take a logo out of the header so there’s just the hamburger menu in the right hand corner?

Viewing 2 reply threads
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