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How to apply Aziza updates to my site.

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      Terry ThomasTerry Thomas

      I have a basic hostgator site and I’m needing to update my Aziza theme. I’m not seeing any instructions on how to perform the update. Is there a trick to this, or do I just replace all the files manually?

      Also. I’m a little behind in installing updates. I haven’t done it since I created my page back in February (I think). Will the latest update be complete, or do I have to do them piecemeal?


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      First, and most important thing to do is make a backup of your website. If you haven’t got a backup option on your website now, I would recommend using the BackUpBuddy Plugin from iThemes ( ) That way if anything goes wrong in the following steps you have a secure fallback option.

      Next I would make sure that I have the latest version of WordPress active.

      So, probably the quickest way to update is as follows:
      1. Activate one of the standard WordPress themes, like twentyfourteen. This won’t effect anything that you have done with the Aziza theme, as the database where all the content, etc, is stored isn’t being effected.
      2. Delete the version of Aziza that you have installed.
      3. Add the latest version of Aziza and activate

      If you have activated a Child Theme, then all you need to do is Steps 2 and 3.

      If you aren’t using a Child Theme but have made some CSS additions, you will need to make a copy of those changes before Step 1 and then add it back in after Step 3.

      Hopefully all this makes sense.



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      Terry ThomasTerry Thomas

      Sorry to necro this post, but I’m having trouble installing v1.4. It gives me the following error:

      “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

      Theme install failed.”

      Any ideas what’s causing this?


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      Terry ThomasTerry Thomas

      Nevermind. I figured it out. I was trying to upload the entire set instead of just the aziza theme. Now, however, it erased my TD-Sociables plugin. I had to reinstall it, and now I can’t figure out how to configure it (the menu item doesn’t show up on my back end).

      Terry Thomas

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      Happens all the time Terry 🙂

      Have you activated the td-shortcodes? I assume you mean the td-shortcodes plugin is not showing on your dashboard right.
      (the menu item doesn’t show up on my back end)

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