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      i would like to use the Plugin Learndash as this Plattform is going to have an onlinecourse. As you can see in the attached Screenshot the Template will break course pages, making the course-content 100% width. Also it will set all headers on “display: none”.

      Do you have an idea how to fix this?

      Thank you very much.

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      Hi there,

      We don’t have any experience with your plugin so there is not much I can say without research on your site. If you have a premium support account, our guys can research your site and check were the problem is.

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      wait do you use a shortcode to display the courses? If so just place the shortcode into a 1 column, hope that helps

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      Thank you for your fast reply.
      Sadly its not just placing shortcodes. The system will build those pages via slug, simular to bbpress.

      I have support via my ThemeForest purchase, is that enough or do u mean something else?

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      Support is for theme related issues and not for third party plugins, there are so many plugins out there it’s not possible for us to give free support on all of theme. Researching the problem can be a time consuming process, thats way we ask for a premium support plan as this is not included in our theme + support price.

      If it’s a easy fix my guys will fix it for you under our premium support, if the problem is more time consuming we will give you a quote upfront.

      Hope that makes sense

Viewing 4 reply threads
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