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      I noticed that if I go to my site on a mobile device that the top menu basically covers the page. The typical mobile menu icon shows up also, that you can click to see the menu items, so there are two menus showing when I only want one. First screenshot is the homepage – see how the menu obscures it almost completely. Second screenshot shows when the menu icon is pressed. Third screenshot is just scrolled down from the second, so you can see that it does have a complete menu showing. How do I set it so that the primary menu does not show on mobile devices (or screens under a certain size) while keeping the primary menu for the showing on computer monitors and larger screened devices, but leave just the mobile menu on mobile devices.

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      Helen (staff)Helen (staff)

      Hello HCCWorks,

      Thanks for posting.
      Your hamburger menus is not working properly.
      Can you please first disable/turn off all plugins and check again. If the menus works properly (check our Mikmag demo on mobile to see how it should look like), then enable plugins 1 by 1 to see which plugin may cause issues.

      Let us know which version of WordPress and which Mikmag theme version you’re using right now.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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