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Nothing works correctly, many bugs and conflicts.

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      Nothing seems to work properly with this plugin.

      I can’t create, update, or change anything without bugs and conflicts.

      There are many people reporting issues with no responses. I wish I would have seen this forum beforehand.

      None of the buttons or AJAX is working properly. As mentioned by another user @mib1092 there are issues with the code and there have been no updates to fix them.

      If I do not get a response by tomorrow I am going to have to report it to Envato.

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      Hello there,
      Don’t worry we will release an update asap. And I hope we can release it next week, but you will get a notification.

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      It has already been months since the other user brought up these issues and there hasn’t been an update yet, so forgive me for not having much confidence nor patience in regards to waiting until next week. As described by the user mentioned above, the fixes are relatively easy for a developer and shouldn’t be taking so long for an update. I am on a time limit with my client and I chose this plugin (UM Switcher) above another as a membership solution, both promising to be plug and play, but now I am stuck waiting for an update to fix a problem that affects the core functionality, essentially rendering it unusable.

      Is there a temporary solution you can offer me to patch this issue while I wait for the update? As the user mentioned above stated, they performed some simple alterations to the code to resolve the issue. I know enough to go into the files and alter the code with some direction. Can you offer guidance and the code changes needed so I can temporarily fix these problems while I wait?

      If not, I’d rather just get a refund and go with my other membership option. It is not fair that I purchase something that does not work as it is intended.

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      Well it’s Saturday and my staff have free weekends. And like I said, I hope we can release an update next week. It means that my developer will work on it starting on Monday. Once we’re ready, it will be instant available for download.

      But code is code, and um switcher works with Ultimate member and Woo-commerce. So even a small code update needs time before release, testing, re-coding, testing and debugging etc etc. Code is not changing a simple engine part, code is Poetry.


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      I have been waiting patiently for a week now, how is that poem coming along?

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      Great things needs time, we will let you know when it’s ready.

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      Now I understand the bad reviews and poor customer service remarks left on envato. Your attitude and ego are really something else. I will be reporting you to envato, requesting a refund, and leaving a poor review. Do you think you can sell something that doesn’t even work properly and give condescending remarks to your customers? You need to learn proper product development and customer service.

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      Helen (staff)Helen (staff)

      Hi sleet1337

      Our developers are working on the update as indicated. Codecanyon also understands that this may take some time because updates from authors can partly depend on updates from other plugins with which the plugin must be compatible.

      Giving 1-star ratings and sending a refund request or insults do not make an update go faster. It causes frustration on both sides and nobody benefits from that.

      Please also read Envato’s item support policy and what they say about it.

      As soon as our update is available we’ll notify this on our forum, envato and facebook.

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      It is not an insult if it’s the truth. Clearly, Mike is unprofessional and someone else had to step in. My review is accurate and serves its purpose, which is informing potential buyers of what they are in for if they purchase this plugin. These ‘updates’ were needed months ago. Also, maybe think twice before responding to your customers telling them that “code is poetry” and “great things need time”. Egotistical and condescending much? You guys have one plugin and it doesn’t even work. This is genuine feedback and with the proper consideration and reflection can help improve your product and customer service.

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      Helen (staff)Helen (staff)

      Thanks for your feedback. As soon as the update is available on Codecanyon, we will send a notification via all suitable channels, such as the forum, codecanyon and facebook.

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