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      Hi i like this box theme im getting shop product page it is showing only product details but add to cart is not displaying

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      Hi there,

      It looks to me that you not have set all the settings from Woocommerce, here you have a manual.

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      I went through the documentation as well as I already created some Woo-commerce shopping website in the past so I am aware of the settings. But in your theme I am facing the difficulties. Like

      1. Individual Product page as well as combined product pages are showing blank.
      2. Whenever anything is added to cart, the above cart icon (in Nav Menu) shows the number of items but clicking on the same does not take anywhere.
      3. Whenever Woo-Commerce is activated, there is some error in your Redux Framework (Box Child theme options).

      I created the below products and pages for your reference, please have a look and provide a solution, let me know in case you need the admin login, I will create 1 so that you can login and look into the problem.

      SHOP PAGE:



      Please rectify my problem as I have to deliver this project to my customer soon.

    • #73036

      I even added the SHop page in Menu so that you can get more idea. I feel you missed some php coding in the backend.

    • #73598

      I am having an issue with the woocommerce products page as well. I have setup a product, but when I go to view the page, the product is not there.

      What do I need to do to make the product visible?

    • #73600
      Helen (staff)Helen (staff)

      You must setup that page as your store page, or you should use a shortcode on that page in order to display products.

    • #73607

      From what I can tell, there is no [woommerce_shop] shortcode. Woocommerce sets up it’s own shop page.

      So, I isolated the issue by disabling plugins. Seems Woocommerce doesn’t work with Redux Framework (which came with the Box theme). Is there a fix or workaround for this issue?

    • #73608

      Hi Guys,

      I was looking over our preview website and notice we did not add support for woocommerce to the box theme. Sorry for the confusion.

    • #73687

      It is so weird at this point of time. We told several times earlier that Woo-commerce is not working fine but then you neglected and told us to do the settings properly. And now you came to know that Woocommerce is not supported. We had to choose a different theme for our website because of this Woocommerce issue.

      Let me know when you are planning to fix it and provide the update.

    • #73696
      Helen (staff)Helen (staff)

      Hi sujit skt,

      Box is ‘not’ for sale as a E-commmerce theme but as a Flexible, Responsive, Creative, Photography WP theme.
      Of course it would be another situation if we sold it to be Woocommerce ready, which we did not.

    • #73699

      Please check your own theme version where you have mentioned below thing in your marketplace account.

      Aug 25, 2015 – version 1.0.6
      * Update WP 4.3
      * Update WooCommerce 2.4.4

      Let me know when you are planning to include woocommerce support.

    • #73701
      Helen (staff)Helen (staff)

      We’ve already told you already BOX is sold as a Creative, Photography WP theme. On the salespages no where is mentioned it is sold to be Woocommmerce ready.
      At the updates-section probably some one of our teammembers put that update there by mistake (since we sell lots of themes that are actually woocommerce ready). That will be removed.

Viewing 11 reply threads
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