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Save_date functions on the Subscriptions page don’t work

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      I noticed that I can’t change the dates in the list of subscribers in the admin panel. The console tells me that it cannot determine the three js-functions that are associated with the Save buttons in my screenshot: save_start_date_changes, save_end_date_changes, save_reminder1__reminder_changes (reminder2, reminder3, and so on…).

      But I’m confused since I didn’t find these defined functions in your plugin at all… Please check if this feature works for you, because it does not seem to be due to a conflict with other plugins.

      Thank you!

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      I am experiencing the same here. Seems this plugin is full of bugs and they did not even reply to you in over 3 months??

      This is already the second thread I am opening in the same day of purchasing the plugin. I am starting to have serious regrets.

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      Don’t worry we will release an update asap. And I hope we can release it next week, but you will get a notification.

      There are more ways to get a reply, as you know as you send in several messages today.:)

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      You should still respond to these threads then mentioning that you resolved the issue and/or responded through another method instead of leaving it with no response for months. Plus as mentioned in your own ticketing system, the purpose of these forums is to supply problems and solutions for the public to be able to reference for their own needs.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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