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Scroll doen'nt work on mobile there are shortcodes.

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      On one of my sites ( ) i can’t scroll anymore, the hamburger does’nt work anymore and the teatured image is not visible..
      I removed all my plugins, replaced the 5th theme ( other themes did work ). Still no change
      The site worked proper before. After update plugins and WP 4.5 the site did’nt work anymore.

      Cheers Peter

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      Hello Peter,

      Can you activate the td-shortcodes and td-addons, and see if that helps as I see only shortcodes

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      Ok Mike Thank you, forgot this.
      Mobile works , but still no scroll on the computer

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      I see, did you maybe update WordPress to 4.5?
      As we speak I have some similar trouble on a multi site installation, but there I had wp 4.5 installed.

      Not sure if this is the same for you, could not see witch wp version you have installed.

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      Yes, it happened after the update WP 4.5, but only with this site.

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      Sorry to bother you again. But the other site’s ( using fifth template are keep running if its loading.
      Tryd with another template, than the problem was gone?
      These site also had an updute WP 4.5.

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      If your other template is using the same jquery files as Fifth, it will give also a error. So you can’t compare this. As the templates are totally different.

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      I know, just try to find out whats going on.
      It happend after the WP 4.5 update

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      Hi Peter,

      Well we now already whats the issue, wp has updated the jquery wp-include/js/jquery.js and for some reason we have a function that is giving issues. But as we speak were looking into the issue and also waiting for a answer from WordPress.

      If you update to wp 4.5 and place back the old jquery file inside (wp-include/js/jquery.js) from the previous version all will work again. Updating can be a process because we have to wait also for other plugins to be updated, like for example the revolution slider. In a lot of cases, WordPress releases an update and the following days they will release again updates, as at that point the community has found bugs etc. So never update wp before we say it’s all good 🙂

      Anyway we keep you posted

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      downgrade WP, now everything is working again.

Viewing 9 reply threads
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