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      Hi i would like to know how to edit the social links that are attached the the heart in the top menu bar on the theme JOHN

      you can see from my image i attached there is a heart and you click it and up comes these links i want to delete them and the heart

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      Hi thats a easy one 🙂
      Go to the option panel, select the tab social and set: Display in top bar?

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        Do you mean the wordpress dashboard?

        as i can not find the option panel, nor can i find a social tab

        not that easy

    • #73095

      Ahaa you did not read the manual….

      Wordpress dashboard
      John options

    • #73096

      haha so it seems because you just made that so easy.

      So you say there is a manual…. ?

      thanks. are you the same mike i emailed earlier?

    • #73097

      yep we try to make it as simple as possible.

      yeah sure there is a manual duhhhh, unzip the file : John Unzip me please, inside you will find the manaual.

      yep thats all me 🙂

    • #73098

      oh ok well i did not install the theme so i also have no idea where to find the john unzip me file.

      but while we are on social links. maybe a dumb one but is there a way to make a nice easy single ins gram social link appear on all pages, i have edited it a little and see i now only have the one link for instagram down at the bottom but its tiny.

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      Well I advice to find the manual first…

    • #73100

      ok thanks.

Viewing 7 reply threads
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