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      Helen (staff)Helen (staff)

      Download the latest version via mojomarketplace dashboard.

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      Hi Helen,

      My site is currently running on Fifth Version: 1.0.4

      If I download the update, will this have any impact on the site?

      Also, when entering mojo marketplace, the following Warning is displayed:

      Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/mavtectd/ on line 70

      I’ve attached a screen shot of the file above from my cPanel file manager.


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      If I go to mojo services the following warning is displayed:

      Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/mavtectd/ on line 20

      File attached

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      Hi Harvey,

      Well I’m not Mojo so it’s best that you give them a buzz.
      We don’t offer any themes anymore on MojoThemes, so thats maybe the reason why you get that notice.

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      I can send you the latest version we have and that’s 1.2.1 but we don’t support Fifth anymore because it’s out of our collection. But if you want the latest one, create a ticket and include your ftp login and I will upload a zip for you. So you can upload it yourself but it will not be compatible with the last WordPress version.

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      If it’s not compatible with the latest version of WP, there’s no real point in getting the upgrade is there?

      What happens in this situation when I’ve purchased a theme that you don’t support anymore? I.e. if I need tech assistance or if there are errors on my site?

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      You can hire us to update your theme for you.

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      I have one issue on my site in the form of a broken button link.

      For some reason, I can’t see the button link details in Wp-admin.

      I need to change the link as it’s directing to a non-existent page.

      It’s at the home page – button “COME ON IN”

      Any suggestions?

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      I’ve managed to fix the link issue in the backend of data base.

      Is there an easy way for the button to display over the rev-slider image? I want it to display in line with the bottom of image rather than below the line.


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      You can change the position of the button in the revolution slider.

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      Thx, I forgot about that option.

      How can I customise button display on mobile device?

      The landing page cuts off the button as per screen attached

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      I read in a previous thread that adjusting the scroll speed on the Fifth Theme isn’t possible. Is that correct?

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      That’s correct, there is no feature for that build in.

Viewing 13 reply threads
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