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      Terry ThomasTerry Thomas


      Three issues here:

      1. The product picture is completely obscured by the product selection overlay (which is absolutely HUGE). Is there a way to move the overlay over or get the picture out from under it?

      2. When images are added to the image gallery on a product page, the product image becomes HUGE, and the image gallery, below it, seems to be stacked weirdly. Is there something wrong here?

      3. The image displayed on the product page slides through the gallery, but it does not loop. It just stops sliding on the last picture. Is there a way to make the looping manual, or at least continuous?


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      Terry ThomasTerry Thomas


      I worked around issues 1 & 2 by mimicking the image dimensions on the aziza demo. This allows me to place the product image outside the boundaries of the overlay. It would be nice if the size of the overlay could be controlled, though. Maybe an idea for a future update.

      #3 is still bugging me, though. I would, ideally like to turn off the automatic sliding option, and have the larger image controlled by clicking on the gallery (again, a future update idea if it is not possible yet).

      Terry Thomas

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      Helen (staff)Helen (staff)

      Hi Terry,

      Please send us links to your issues.
      It’s much easier to help if we actually can see what you’re posting.

      Are you having issues which do not appear in our demo website?
      Please also provide info on which WP version, theme version, and woocommerce version you’re working.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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