Yvonne Mercier

Ecommerce, Business, Community websites and more.

‘I am an interior designer by trade and the first website I ever had done with Themedutch was for my portfolio. It was a stunning website with easy navigation and a contact page. Now that I have grown professionally and now have a furniture business of my own, Theme Dutch has also created me a separate business website – with e-commerce capabilities that help me do business with clients worldwide.’

TD made our membership website and now we have over 15,000 members.

‘We needed a good-quality yet cost-effective builder for our membership website instead of just availing substandard third party plugins to our regular site. Theme Dutch incorporated valuable tools which made the new website inviting, secure and easy to use especially for new members. Now our community is fast growing and currently has over 15,000 members in just a short time.’

Joan Peters

Frank Marx

High-quality WordPress Websites and Themes.

‘Theme Dutch’s WordPress themes are essential for me to build new websites quickly and effectively for my clients. I could do so many things even with just one theme – as many webdesigns as I could think of. It also saved me valuable hours of coding. My ROI was seen instantly and the support team is superb. TD’s themes are great products, and worth more than I paid for.’

Theme Dutch guided me through the steps of my plan.

‘I am a business man and I needed more customers. In order to do this, I knew I had to increase visitors to my website. When Theme Dutch assisted me with creating landing pages and on-page optimization, my business ranked much better in Google search results. Snippet previews are also written much more effectively. I’m so glad I invested more in SEO Marketing to gather more customers. My high profits say so.’

Arnold Hendrix

Jason Clark

Theme Dutch helped me define my business strategy.

‘When I decided to start my online business, I consulted Themedutch for the right plugins and a good host for my website. During the consultation process, I found out that I should adjust my business strategy as well. I could say that armed with this knowledge right at the start of my project, I was able to save myself from frustration because I didn’t waste time and money.’