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Our company’s love for WordPress, philosophy and community has established it as a well-regarded provider of wide-ranging services that extend from the WordPress experience. Themedutch is also a web agency, which financially supports charity projects. Charities depend on donations. Websites cost time and money, and a good functional website is not financially feasible for a number of charities. Here we step in.

OpHerme Foundation

Stichting Vrije Pleegzorg (Free Foster Care Foundation) promotes solution-oriented collaboration between parents and foster parents. Their goal is to bring together parents and foster parents without further intervention from authorities and bureaucracy to find solutions to difficult situations in their own families.

Free Foster Care Foundation is part of Opherme Foundation. Opherme Foundation was established as ‘retirement home for old ponies’ in 1989, and also is great foster home, with about 10 children who, due to circumstances, no longer live with their biological parents.

‘Personal experiences can contribute to the choice of charity projects. My personal experiences influenced our choices. OpHerme Foundation is committed to foster children and abandoned pets’

Founder and co-owner Mike de Leeuw

‘This amazing Foundation, run by volunteers, depends on donations from businesses and individuals. We have donated the construction of both their websites including maintenance’

Founder and co-owner Mike de Leeuw