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    Hi there,
    I’m still using Seduction as theme and wondering if there is an update on 1.0 version.

    Second I hope that there is a theme that does get updated and has (almost) the same features as changing all blogs is a hell. (besides that I can’t do that myself)

    Hope someone can help.
    (for more info on what and how I use, check:


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    Hi Miguel.

    We don’t offer anymore the Seduction theme, so there are no updates availble.

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    I understand…
    Is there an old update available?
    Or… is there a helpful answer on my second question (where to switch to, without loosing all my settings (simple photo slider and embed code for youtube)?

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    No Miguel,
    I dont have a update for you. And i dont have a theme where you will have the settings from the slider as we dont offer these sliders anymore. If you just used the normal youtube it will work on all themes.

    There is just one theme left from our previous versions and thats Screen, but I cant say for sure it will have the same settings.

    Here you will see all our themes, maybe Archifore suits

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