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      I’ve previously had this plugin installed and working without issue. However, today this plugin is completely inaccessible and simply reports an error “There has been a critical error on your website.”

      To try and resolve this issue ourselves (on the development instance of the site) we’ve:

      1. Reinstalled the UM-Switcher plugin with no effect
      2. Updated the Ultimate Member plugin with no effect
      3. Updated the WooCommerce plugin with no effect
      4. Updated the WooCommerce Services plugin with no effect

      I’m happy to provide any assistance you require, including admin access to the development site so you can explore this issue yourselves. I’m also happy to try resolving this issue myself with your advice. I would like however to understand the scope of the issue and if/how the issue is resolved so I can apply that fix to the live site myself.

      I’m also happy to discuss this issue over the phone if that will help.

      Kind regards,

      Jonathan Wilson
      Creative Design & Development
      Avant Garde Agency Pty Ltd

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      Just adding to the above.

      The problem seems to be limited to accessing the plugin pages directly – all functionality added into the Ultimate Member and Woo Commerce plugins both seem to still work. E.g.:

      1. You can still approve members
      2. You can still purchase member subscriptions
      3. You can then gain the appropriate membership type

      However, we cannot look at or change any settings in the plugin – obviously a serious issue – but not catastrophic, yet.

      I hope this narrows it down for you.

      Kind regards,

      Jonathan Wilson
      Creative Design & Development
      Avant Garde Agency Pty Ltd

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      Hi Jonathan,
      I think you need to update UMS, whats the version you have active?


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      Hi Themedutch,

      We purchased your plugin from the Code Canyon website:

      License: ae2e382b-341f-4780-ab02-450c7dedfc4d
      Date: 5 Aug 2019
      Type: Regular License

      The current version of our plugins are:

      Ultimate Member version: 2.1.11
      UM Switcher version: 3.0

      The plugin is still switching roles on purchase and expiry, however, we’re not able to access any of the pages for the plugin on the backend. Instead, we get this error:

      “There has been a critical error on your website. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions.”

      I’ve tried to fix this issue by reinstalling the above plugins and also downgrading the above versions without success to:

      Ultimate Member version: 2.0.56
      UM Switcher version: 2.5

      Do you have any idea how we can fix this?

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      Roy PepitoRoy Pepito


      Can you send us a private ticket and provide your admin access, so we can check on it quickly.



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