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Demo content uploaded – but there is no pages showing in reading settings

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      Barry MorganBarry Morgan

      I have uploaded demo content using one click install and got success message. But when I go to settings > readings, there is no pages in drop down. Media library shows lot of images. But post and page sections are empty. As per the response from our hosting provider, there is no limitation or restriction from their side.

      Please find the attached screenshots and more details.

      Website :
      Hosting provider : hostgator
      Wordpress Version : 4.2.2.

      Please let me know how to fix this issue.

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      Helen (staff)Helen (staff)

      Hi Barry,

      Maybe you’ll have to start from scratch and try again.

      Reset your database or create a fresh new one, and use the import feature again but this time take a long coffee break.
      We use this plugin to reset a database
      This way all your data is removed from the database.
      How you need to create a new one, please read the codex of wordpress

      Dummy content
      When your database is clean again, install the theme file and plugins redux, td-shortcodes.

      And install the dummy importer again, but wait at least 15 minutes or so. It depends of the speed of your server how long it will take.
      At some point you think that it’s broken but in facts it’s not. Even when you don’t see pages and post and images, the server is still importing.

      Then set your home via Settings / reading (and create your sidebars and widgets).

      Good Luck!

      We also offer our services via:

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      Barry MorganBarry Morgan

      Hi Helen,

      I have started from scratch and re-installed everything. Only images are getting uploaded. I have tested in Godaddy hosting also, but there is no luck. I have tried to import demo content XML file through import option. That also showing the same issue.It will be difficult for us to customize the site without the demo content. I don’t think this issue related to hosting server or speed. Please help us to fix this issue asap.

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      Helen (staff)Helen (staff)

      Hi Barry,

      Dummy content / Godaddy
      Installing BOX dummy content can be a problem for some servers.
      All images that get downloaded from our server is a few hundred MBs.
      We can not vouch for other hosting providers, and some hosting companies have a maximum.

      Godaddy clients face this issue regularly.
      If you are having difficulties installing dummy content, ask your hosting provider to increase the server setting and state that the upload file folder with all images is a few hundred MB. That will solve this problem in most cases.

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      Helen (staff)Helen (staff)

      Hi Barry,

      I see in your previous email, you host on Hostgator, please contact them about your server settings.

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      Barry MorganBarry Morgan

      Hi Helen,

      As per the response from my hosting provider, settings can not be changed in my current hosting plan.
      Here is my current server settings:
      safe mode = Off (cannot adjust)
      memory_limit = 256M (MAXIMUM)
      max_execution_time = 30 (MAXIMUM in seconds)
      max_input_time = 60 (MAXIMUM in seconds)
      post_max_size = 64M (MAXIMUM)
      upload_max_filesize = 64M (MAXIMUM)
      enable_dl = Off (cannot adjust)
      Hosting provider saying that, if issue is relate with file upload, we can use FTP. If that works, could you please tell me where to upload the demo content xml file? If not, is there any other way to upload dummy content? If none of this will work, what should be the required server settings to get the demo content in place ?

      We are sorry to say that, this is really bad and we are not at all satisfied with the BOX theme we purchased. We never experienced such issues with any other wordpress theme. Instead of again redirecting us to hosting provider, do we have any solution to fix this issue?

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      Hi Barry,

      I understand your frustration believe me. The issue is that The Box is a few hundred mb big and in some cases servers just don’t eat it. I had the same issue last week and I upload by ftp all the images, and imported the sql dump. Did a search and replace for the url’s and voilà.

      I can send you the sql and im? We also offer setup services if you like.

      Your’e server settings looks fine to me, but increasing is not a option so the one above is the best way to go.

      Let me know,

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      Barry MorganBarry Morgan

      Hi Mike,

      Thanks for the reply. Please send me the sql and im. Also, let me know the further steps in brief.

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      Morning Barry,

      Do you have a dropbox account where I can upload the images and sql, these are a few hundred mb big so it’s hard to upload here.

    • #72867

      – make sure all images are in your media.
      – activate the theme and Redux + td-shortcodes plugin.

      – upload to you’re database the: box.sql
      – search & replace in the database the links from: to yourwebsite/com

      Set the home page and it should be there 🙂

      I have also uploaded the xml file from the box below, you can try that one first. Use the wordpress importer and select not to import the images as you already have those. Probably you will see all the pages, let’s hope so.

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      Barry MorganBarry Morgan

      Good morning Mike,

      I don’t had one. But just now I signed up a free account with 2gb space. 2GB is enough for you to upload files? To which email id you want me to share my drop box folder?

    • #72872

      Dropbox is perfect you will love it.


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      Barry MorganBarry Morgan

      Shared from saroop(@)

    • #72874


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      Barry MorganBarry Morgan

      Hi Mike,

      Thanks for the support. Seems like everything is working fine now 🙂

    • #72884

      Thats great news Barry, have fun.

    • #73053

      I’m having the exact same issue. I just opened a new tread about it. Can you send me the database as well?
      my dropbox account is wordpress(@)

      Thanks a lot!!


    • #73167

      could you share this also with me please? I’ve sent you a dropbox invitation

    • #73171

      Hello jpg,

      I have uploaded for you the sql from Box into your dropbox 🙂

      Hello sofising,

      You need to send me a invite from dropbox.

      Best Mike

    • #73346

      Hi Mike,
      Surprise…I’m having the same issue that everyone else is having. Can you please send me the sql files needed to make this work as it was advertised. Thanks so much!! I just sent you a request on dropbox. Please let me know when you can do this. Thanks again! Olivia

    • #73349

      Hi Olivia,
      Please check your dropbox 🙂

    • #73368

      Hi Mike I have same problem, I am going to send an invitation for sharing a dropbox folder called box, you will receive the invitation with the mail
      Thank you so much

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      Your transaction id is not set correct on your profile

    • #73793

      Hi Mike,

      Same issue here with dummy content. Could you upload that to my dropbox, as well? I sent you a share from dropbox.

    • #73798

      Hi Jones,

      From version 1.0.8 you will find the demo included in your download file, see screenshot.

    • #73805

      Hmm… I must not have 1.0.8 as that file is not in my download.

    • #73832

      Can you either upload the demo content to my dropbox or email it to me please??

      I do not have that version, nor do I know where I can re-download it. I also do not have the demo content in my folder, as pictured in my post 1 week ago.

    • #73834

      I also checked my mojo-themes account and re-downloaded it there, but still no demo content in there.

    • #73835

      Hi Jones0170,

      Are you checking your account on or ?

      The box is not available from anymore but only on, see my screenshot and download the Main files. Inside you will find the demo content and the sql.

      let me know if that works out for you,

    • #73841

      mojo-themes. It is what I paid for last year, as is linked in my sig.

    • #79470

      I sent you a Dropbox shared folder to

      Mike, I purchased the Box Theme on Mojo Marketplace and am having a problem with the Dummy Content. After viewing the Forum – I am not sure if Mojo has the correct download files as shown below. I am sending you a shared folder on Dropbox – could you provide me with the correct files and instructions for manual ftp upload – etc.

      Marc Bailey

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      Hi Marc,

      De correct demo is included in your download file. What is the version of WP your running?
      ( removed your screenshot)

      • #79475

        Hey Mike and thanks for getting back with me,

        I am using WordPress version 4.6. GoDaddy is my web host. I have worked with GoDaddy support and they have reset my PHP.ini file – memory_limit = 1024m.

        I do a database reset and then Import Dummy Content. The importing ran for over 8 hours and I get the dummy-content.xml and 65 jpg files.

        Any recommendations…

      • #79477


        For clarity there have been 2 times I have ran the Import Dummy Content for over 8 hours and it has never completed the progress wheel is still spinning so I shut it down at that point and the most files that were imported were 66 files.

        I can let it run longer but if that would work or I could try a FTP upload.

    • #79478


      It never takes 8 hours to run, normally but depends on your hosting 5/10 minutes or so.
      You can try to downgrade your wp installation to 4.4.2, as Box is not tested with 4.6 yet ( will be in the next 2 weeks) but it’s a long shot.

      Second you can try is to import the sql, included in your download file. If that all not helps you can order our Installation package and our guys will do the import for you. But I must say Godaddy has often issues, and even for some hosting packages you don’t have control over all php settings. And that’s a time consuming nightmare to check and test witch one.

    • #79479

      Marc, try to run the import but not the images. Lets hope it will import pages and post

      • #79480

        Mike – what is the cost of the installation package since I already have the Box Theme and how long will it take to get installed. I’m on a really tight timeline because I have investors come in and I need the website prior to their visit. Thanks…

    • #79481

      Hi Marc,

      That’s always sounds good investors, okay order here:
      and I will try to fix it for you this weekend but always on Monday first thing Amsterdam time.

      send me also a email with all your login details of Godaddy, and create me an admin account you have my email. I’m here for the next 3 hours

    • #79482


      I will order and send you email within the next 30 minutes.

      Thanks for your assistance,


    • #79484

      Good morning Mike,

      Just checking to see if you got everything you needed to complete the installation for the Box Theme today.

      Please provide a status.


    • #79485

      Hi Marc,

      I understand my friend, the demo setup will be ready today.
      Will keep you posted

    • #79486

      Thanks Mike – Awesome

    • #81692

      We are also having this problem. Attempted to download the dummy content, but only downloaded the imagery. We tried reaching out to Mike (mike(@) to request that the data files be placed in a Dropbox folder we created for that purpose, but have received no reply.

      I see that the latest entry in this string by Mike was almost a year ago – perhaps he no longer is with Theme Dutch? Can anyone help?

    • #81693

      Hi there,

      I did reply’d to your dropbox invite a few days back, Box is out of the collection so I can’t help you out here.

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