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The subscription doesn't appear on UM subscriptions row

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    Hello Roy,

    I made a test with UM Switcher plugin :

    – I created a product with a one hour lifetime (see attached screen capture)

    – I bought this product as a brand new user I created for the test (John DEL), I mean I connected as John DEL and therefore bought the product (to create a checkout, see attached screen capture for the order, which is OK in Woocommerce).

    But when I come back on the backend as an admin, there’s nothing in the UM subscription row ! (see attached screen capture)

    Did I do something wrong?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Hello maxelio42,

    Is the order set to completed? I cant see from your screenshot.


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    Yes, it is (“Etat – terminé” = completed).

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    Okay, my French is not that good 🙂

    1 Check your timezone, is it set to your city?
    2 Whats the time of your cronjob? (You have used 1 hour and say for example you have set your cronjob to 2 hours, it will give an issue)

    3 Are there any errors showing in Firebug?
    4 Deactivate all others plugins one by one, maybe there is an conflict with one.


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    I checked, points 1 and 2 are OK.

    Point 3 : I don’t know Firebug (it seems to be an old extension for Firefox), but the web developper tools working with Firefox offer a “console” tool.

    The result of this “console” are in the attached image.
    The messages do not make much sense for me, because I’m not a developper (I built all my site with plugins).
    Do they make sense for you?

    Point 4 : my site is built with about 60 plugins, so it will be VERY long to check all of them !
    Do you think that a plugin like Plugin Detective could help?


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    Hi Jean-Luc,

    Well I see notices that needs to be checked out. But with 60 plugins it’s a time consuming process that’s not included in our support so cant help you out here. Not sure what kind of site you have but normally 60 plugins is not the way to go and asking for trouble 🙂 I build some big sites over the years but never used 60 plugins. That’s a nightmare for any developer.

    So my advice would be, do the deactivate plugin stress test.

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    Hi Mike,

    I’m not a developer, that’s why the site is built on plugins.
    The site is for an association for which I’m a volunteer.

    Anyway, it runs pretty well with all these plugin, and I have very few problems of plugin compatibility.

    I will try this plugin “stress test”, with the help of Plugin Detective.

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    Just saying Jean-Luc most webdesigners/developers don’t dare to use 60 plugins because it can be a nightmare. So my compliments my friend.

    But that said, don’t you have a stage site. Or maybe you can create one. That way you can test and debug on your stage site, and then fix it on the main site. Think about it, it will help you also in the future bigtime.

    Keep me posted, and before you proceed make a backup!!!!!!

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    Yes Mike, I intend to build a “sandbox” site, I keep you informed…

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