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Tweeking in Box Theme, images and "padding issues" and google maps

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      Hi. I love this theme and I have worked to redesign my website and it looks great. I have a couple of questions I can not figure out:
      A. I have replaced some content on DUMMY pages and I have created new pages with cut and paste:

      ON the DUMMY pages where I replaced content, all images go to the top edge of page (good) and side edge of page (good) except the footer with widgets, it is seems to be only about 1000 px wide and there is lots of white space on either side of this element on my computers. Please see (home/index page) or and/or and scroll down to footer.

      On a NEW page, where I cut and pasted from completed pages, the images do not begin at the very top, do not go to the edges, and there is also space just before the footer with widgets and the footer. It seems to be about 1/4 inch of white space. However, there is not the problem as noted above with white space each side of the footer with widgets. Maybe there is programed “padding” on new pages? If so? How to remove? please see and/or and/or for example. the “sections” do not go to edges and the green banner with white words at bottom of page (before footer with widgets) does not touch footer.

      And ALSO:
      how do I put an image on my page in written form without uploading to the WP Image Library? I want to upload my images to an IMAGES file under public_hmtl via FTP Filezilla and reference the images in code. I can not find an “image code” in TDS SHORTCODES. For example. On many pages I use the IMAGE GALLERY ShortCode. I want to create an image gallery, three columns and instead of putting the photo on the editor “code page” via Media Library in WP, I want to reference via image url:
      [tds-gallery columns="3"]in this space I have tried [tds-image src="url of image"] [/tds-gallery] and other varieties and it does not work. WHY DO I WANT TO DO THIS? I find the uploading to WP image library very slow, hard to find images in the PUBLIC_HMTL folder and hard to edit images. I prefer uploading via FTP–I can find images, edit and replace very quickly…..

      And Lastly:
      The goole maps code I placed on the “TEXT” version of the editor is not responsive. Do you have an example of what this should look like? I no longer have the dummy content as I accidentally deleted. please see (also see the footer with widgets issue on this page.)

      Thank you so much.

      margaret rodgers

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      Helen (staff)Helen (staff)

      Hi Margaret,

      1. you can select the background color of your footer widget area too, so the white space can have the same color.
      Box Options: Footer

      2. Your ‘new’ pages have to have the same page template.
      Probably it is not set to ‘full width page’ (look for these settings at the right bar) on a page.

      Find shortcode via Add Shortcodes on icon bar on top of your page.
      (incl. url for images)

      4. We’ve used two columns: within the first column we’ve set the google map to width=”100%” height=”1400″

      Please also check the BoxManual that comes with the theme (within your download zip file).


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      Thank you for your prompt reply.
      1. See photos attached as screen shots of BOX Options and actual web page. I already had footer background set to black. Still an issue.
      2. Thank you. I found template settings on right side and that solved those issues. thanks.
      3. I am sorry as I probably did not explain well. I know “Add Shortcodes” and have used it. Under “image gallery” there is no info or option to use direct URL for images. The example you attached also does not have direct url coding….just a box with a question mark inside. Please see the attached screen shot. I can use direct URL coding under the TD ShortCode “columns” I would prefer “image gallery” as there is less room for error and I also think it loads quicker (???) The last two images I attached are the 1-TD Shortcodes for “image gallery” and the code I have written on the editor page. 1.image gallery code with square with question marks, 2-image gallery code with a [tds-image scr="#"], and 3- columns (4) code with [tds image scr=”#”] the columns (third paragraph) is the only one which works. I want to know if there is a way to make it work in IMAGE GALLERY. thank you.
      4. Can you please copy and past and send me the code for google maps from the dummy content or a reference if you have another page I can look at. I tried what you said and it does not work. Thank you.
      I have read BoxManuel cover to cover numerous times and can not find the answers to these questions. thank you.
      I appreciate your assistance.
      margaret rodgers

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      Hi Helen, I solved the problem of the direct URL for images. One Must go to the TEXT page of the editor rather than the VISUAL. This the code, in case, someone else has the same problem.:

      image description

      margaret rodgers

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      Helen (staff)Helen (staff)

      Thanks Margaret,

      Yes, sorry I forgot to mention this. That’s because we are accustomed to use the text editor 😉

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