Um-Switcher extension – For Ultimate Member WordPress Plugin

UM-switcher lets you create your own money making community or paid membership website. It is the perfect solution for you if you have online content that you want to charge others’ membership fees to access for a limited period of time.

With Um Switcher you can create any type of community website and sell subscriptions with your favourite membership plugin, Ultimate Member.
Examples of situations, people and companies who would benefit from using Um-Switcher include:

• WordPress – Authors of WordPress themes & plugins who charge for support;
• Employment agencies – access to contact details and job seekers on Job sites;
• Adult entertainment industry –pay per view adult content;
• Online learning – Paid access to online courses and videos, and much more;
• Private messaging between individuals.

Um-Switcher is the Ultimate membership WordPress extension.

What is Ultimate Member?

Ultimate Member (UM) is a free WordPress plugin extension that you can use to build communities and engage with your customers, visitors and users. Visitors to your WP site can easily sign-up and become members. The Ultimate Member WordPress Plugin allows you to build bespoke, personalized online communities, designing beautiful user profiles, using WP features to attract and retain users.

What can users of your community do?

Users will love how easy it is to register and link their UM profile with their social media accounts. Users can login to your site via Facebook, Twitter, G+ and LinkedIn, create public wall posts and send/accept/reject friend requests and view activity of other users.

Integrates with WooCommerce

Um-Switcher lets you sell time-based access to restricted content to your community users who pay for access, using one of the most popular and highly customisable WordPress e-Commerce plugins – Woocommerce. Designed for online businesses, Woocommerce powers over 39% of all online stores and is now the most popular ecommerce platform on the web.

Advantages of Um-Switcher:

• You can sell subscriptions based on the roles of community members, with specified pricing plans;
• You can set subscription access and limit access to minutes, hours or days – only allow members to access content for any specific length of time;
• You can easily integrate Um-Switcher with whichever payment gateway you prefer to use;
• You can e-mail subscribers and send reminders to recapture business.

Ultimate Member WordPress Plugin is easy to install:

Once you have installed Woocommerce and WP Ultimate Member and activated them, you then have two options to upload the UM-Switcher plugin. There are clear instructions on how to do this, guiding you each step of the installation.

Active Subscription:

Once you purchase the Ultimate Member add-on, Um-Switcher, you can open a profile with an active subscription. Your profile is designed to maximize income streams and promote your product or business with subscribers paying for time-based access to your content. Create an Ultimate Member profile, set Restricted Profile fields like ‘contact details’ via Privacy selection and create your own community roles.

Profile Page:

With an active subscription, you can edit and upload your profile page so it is visible to the community and paying subscribers. Your profile is very similar to social media profiles, giving you full control of the profile so you can include text, photographs, videos, web-links and contact details to engage with customers.
• Slogan – The ‘Slogan’ feature is a useful way of communicating your key message or promotions.
• ‘About Me’ – this gives you space to enter text about yourself or your brand.
• Registration Date – Shows the date you joined.
• Phone Number – By including this on your profile, it enables customers another method of contact.
• Country – An essential piece of information, especially if your business requires face-to-face meetings.
• Social media links – If you want to link your profile with your social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.) you can.

Easy to create your Um-Switcher product

Having installed Ultimate Member and Woocommerce, you can add UM-Switcher Product via the Product Data drop down on the Woocommerce website. By completing the necessary fields, you can quickly and easily set-up Um-Switcher product and select ‘send a reminder’ so it automatically sends out email reminders to subscribers.

With Ultimate Member WordPress Plugin, you can promote any product and create any marketing concept when you combine it with the free ecommerce solution, Woocommerce.