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Ultimate member doesn't work with um switcher and woocommerce

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      Hi guys,

      I’m about to create a platform for artists with sed cards and paid memberships. So first of all I installed the ultimate member plugin and created roles and a profile form.
      So far everything worked perfectly.
      Then I installed WooCommerce and UM Switcher. After that I wanted to create a test profile and filled the profile form. When I wanted to see the finished profile on the front end, it didn’t appear. Meanwhile I found out that the information in the profile form can’t get saved and therefore doesn’t appear on the front end.
      Can you help me? Did I make any mistake with using those three plugins ?

      Hope you can help me!

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      Hi CarinaOlymp

      Well it sounds like it’s just a not setting up the right way.

      But tell me first what you exactly did, I assume you have setup your UMS subscription product? And did you use a new account to make a purchase? So not already logged in as admin.

      Show me a link to your UMS product, so I can have a look for you.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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