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Can not get the Um-Switcher to work

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      I bought the plugin yesterday and I am trying to get it to work. I created a few UM-switcher products based on days. I also created 2 user roles with ultimate member: named ‘active-member’ and ‘expired member’ and used them in your plugin on the product page.

      Then I did a checkout with bank payment. I changed the order from ‘on-hold’ to ‘completed’ but the user role stays at the standard user role: ‘customer’ and nothing comes up in the Um-Switcher subscriptions overview in the plugin.

      Everyting is green in um-switcher and all plugins are up to date. I also created a test site with a clean install with minimum plugins and I still can’t get it working.

      Cron job is created. But this shouldn’t be the issue for the problem I am describing, correct?

      Is it supposed to change role with bank payment? Or only with direct payments like credit card?

      Could you please assist me?

      Best regards,

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      Roy PepitoRoy Pepito

      Hi Johan,

      Please check the Umswitcher Manual to check if you setup your settings correctly.

      In reminder’s please select one with the options listed.



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      Hello Roy,

      I selected the reminder option and now it works. Thank you.

      Best regards,

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