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      I created a registration form with Ultimate Member..I was hoping this form would show up BEFORE check out is complete.

      Is there a way to have the registration form automatically show during check out or do I need to use the shortcode with a redirect after check out is over? I tried to see if it would do it automatically with the form set to the default setting and the registration form did not show up during check out. It comes AFTER checkout and order summary. See pages below.

      Here’s the 3 pages that I have for membership checkout, in order. The registration page doesn’t show up till after the Checkout and Order Summary pages. And there’s a delay. Does this seem correct?


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      Hi KokuaMedia,

      I made a little ‘how to’ with explanation for you:

      Membership purchase route for UM Switcher

      Hope that works for you,

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      Mike, I appreciate the reply. I figured out why I wasn’t seeing what you were saying was suppose to happen. It’s in the Woocommerce Settings >> under “Accounts & Privacy“!

      If on the Woocommerce settings area you don’t “check” the appropriate boxed for checkout and creating an account it will not show the user and password option. I checked the correct boxes and it works great now. This would be something I would add to your instructions for set up because my default Woocommerce settings were not set up to work well with UM and UM-S.

      All the best!

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      Helen (staff)Helen (staff)

      Hi Kim,

      Thank you for your feedback.
      We appreciate this very much!


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