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End date of a subscription does not adapt when resubscribing

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      Dear team,

      I’m running into a problem with UM-Switcher. I have set up UM, WC and UM-Switcher such that when I register, you become a “guest”. Next, you can purchase a membership, and your account is upgraded to “Subscriber”. At the end of the subscription period, you become again a “Guest”. After a first subscription period, you should be able to pay for another membership, and become a “subscriber” once more. Unfortunately, the user role is not updated, and the start and end date of the subscription remain unchanged.

      Also, via the UM-Switcher dashboard, I can set a new end date for a user, but this new end date is set again at the previous one after I refresh the page.

      Can you help me out with this?

      Thank you!

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      Roy PepitoRoy Pepito

      Hi KVandersypen,

      Do you have the latest version UM-Switcher and what payment getaways you are using?

      Please check your Cronjob, also check our Manual guidelines to check you if have the correct setup/settings on your site.




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