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      Yesterday I upgraded my WordPress to Version 4.7.2 and i ran into problems (Error 500 in the WP-Admin and White Screen on the frontend). After outpointing the plugin and the hosting i changed the name of the theme to reset WordPress to an default theme and it all worked well. Then i remembred that the theme is an older version (1.3.2) and i went to themeforest to download an newer version. Then I saw a Problem – the JOOP Theme was removed by the author. But here in the Forum the Support is still goiing. So – is there any chance to get the latest version to test – or is there something going on?


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      Hi swissdesign,

      The latest version is JOOP 1.7, even its better then your version 1.3.2 but still you will have some issues I think. But if you send me a message via our themeforest profile, so I can see your purchase date and I will deliver you JOOP

      Thanks Mike

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      Hi Mike

      Thanks I will.

      Edit: DONE! 🙂

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      I have send you a dropbox invite by email

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      Hi there,

      And did you have it?

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      Yes – Thank you for your help!

      One question to the end: Will JOOP be supported in the Future? Or will it be removed forever?

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      No JOOP is out of our collection, so we will not update it in the future. However we can always update your version, but we have to charge you….

      Maybe time for a new website?

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      Oh…this is sad. There are not many Themes in this style.

      And a new website is hard. Because we used this on a site for a client. And this was a really horror project. We began 2 years ago and then they changed the person who is respondible for the project 3 times. So the whole project lasts 2 years. The new site is now online since september 2016 and now we have this situation. Because of this situation, it would be really hard to change the design after some months. And it is really hard to find a similiar one.

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      Yes tell me about it, but the problem for us when a theme is not selling anymore for example because it’s not showing perfectly on Themeforest listings. It’s to expensive to maintain a theme.

      OMG thats a real horror project, yeah we all have those clients someday 🙂 Well you can always fall back on us, my guys can update the theme for you in the future.

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      I understand that. We all have to make money :).

      Yes it really was. But I hope this version is working with future core updates als long as possible. Luckily the client is only watching on the version show in wordpress. He don’t need new sites or plugins. He only changes content by now.

      Anyway – thank you for your kindness and have a really nice day!

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