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      If you look at my website you will notice that the first image of themain page is slighty different than the others, how can I correct that? Thanks

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      Hi Robert,

      Not sure what you mean here, give me some more details 🙂

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      Hello Mike
      if you look at the attachment of my first post you will notice that the first image of my homepage does not have the same dimension of the others that follow below as you can se here. ¨Focus” is the second image when you scroll down and it is full size. (sorry for my english)

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      Ahaa okay sizes…

      You can insert for example a spacer shortcode: [tds-divider invisible thickness=10]

      Or insert the following Full screen shortcode, and use it for all the images. So they all will be the same height:

      [tds-section fullscreen]content here[/tds-section]

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      oh!!!!! where do I insert one of the two options?

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      On the page were you have your images.
      ( if you run into trouble we can also built your website for you)

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      I found the problem, I use RevSlider and had to change some parameters, it worked.
      I did what you suggest me but nothing changed…

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      Thats even a better solution, revslider has more features for you to work with out of the box.

      Good luck.

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Viewing 8 reply threads
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